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Stress Busters
A one-hour interactive program to help your employees deal with stress.  With an economy demanding more out of our companies, this falls directly on the neck, shoulders and psyche of your employees.  We will give your people the tools to deal with stress.  And, as you know, less stress means a more productive work force.  Most of the exercises given take seconds at a desk or workstation.  With a multi-discipline approach, your employees leave with the ability to help themselves.

Hands on Workshop
A one-hour interactive program to help your employees with causes and solutions of repetitive motion syndrome and carpal tunnel problems.  We will give you a plan of exercises, stretches and nutrition to help combat one of the most common problems in the workplace today.

Backtrak Workshop
A one-hour interactive program to keep your back on track.  Sadly 80% of us at some point will have back pain. In the backtrak workshop, we show you the art of bending and lifting in the real world.  Work situations and home situations including lifting children.  Stretches and exercises for the prevention of back problems.  You say you have back problems; this program will help. no ifs, ands or butts. Yes, we'll work those too!

Injury Prevention Workshop
This two hour program is for the athlete and or artist that uses their body on a full time basis to earn a living or aspirations to earn a living at what they do.  This is an interactive workshop using demo, lecture and hands on work. Retire when you want to don't let an injury retire you.

All workshops are designed for up to thirty people and include materials.  Cancellation Procedure: a three-day notice must be given.  Failing to do so results in a one hundred and fifty dollar cancellation fee.