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The first question on people's mind is, "What do you do?".

When you come in with pain or have a problem in an area, I will be looking for the underlying reason for that pain. What's causing the pain? What's not working properly? Now, the body detective work begins. I start the process by muscle testing and using other information gathering techniques. Is the problem with the bones, muscles, nerves, vascular, lymphatic, etc...? Then I treat what I've found. If you come in with no pain and want a tune-up, I start with your feet and work my way up the body, treating what I find. In both pain treatment or tune-up situations, you will notice less discomfort and/or pain and more access to your strength.

My real job is to get your muscular/skeletal system to work and function the way it is supposed to.

The second question on people's mind is, "What do I wear?".

I work with the muscles and skin using varying modalities or techniques. You might be standing, sitting or walking as well as lying down. I want you to be comfortable doing these actions in the treatment room. Women can wear gym shorts and sports/jog bra, 2pc bathing suits, a tank style top with gym shorts or a low back leotard or low back 1pc bathing suit. Men also if you feel more comfortable with gym shorts in addition to your underwear or trunk style bathing suits, please by all means wear what's comfortable.

When you work on children what do they wear?

All children from first grade on must wear gym style shorts or trunk style bathing suits for boys.  Gym shorts or tank top or t-shirts for girls, low back leotard, one piece low back bathing suit or jog/sports bra.  All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 16 or under for the first appointment.  For infants and young children whatever parents are comfortable and feel that is appropriate is fine.  With infants please bring a spare clean diaper.

How long will a session last?

It depends on the person.  If you come in with a pain problem and the pain is gone in 40 minutes that's the end of the session.  If you come in for pain or a tune-up a first session can last anywhere from 60-80 minutes.  The follow up sessions last 50-60 minutes.